About me

Welcome to Insights, a web site where I’m looking to share my experiences beyond México.

My name is Eloisa, I’m Mexican. A dancer since I was very young, always a photographer, a dream painter.
I hold a B.A. on Communication and life has made me an executive producer, a wife and a mom of two. I like to write, I’m a travel lover, a food addict, a people admirer and a big fan of music, flavors, colors, landscapes, mountains and sea, but overall, I’m a devotee of my loved ones.

Insights is my hidden (open) corner where I express my thoughts about places I’ve lived and about life itself. Insights is the perfect spot to show my photographs, what my eyes would catch in different moments. I hope, I really hope to keep on writing soon as well.

I don’t pretend anything else (for now).